A hella creative collective based in San Francisco founded by Joe Talbot. We {make} stories – mostly for us, sometimes for others.

Our work has premiered at Sundance, screened at The Apollo Theater, been profiled in VICE, The Atlantic, NPR, Indiewire and Filmmaker Magazine, and has been nominated for an Emmy.

Longshot is the braintrust behind the upcoming Sundance-supported film,
The Last Black Man in San Francisco and American Paradise (Sundance, 2017).

We are hella holistic and a wee bit obsessive, so we see each film through every single stage.

Each project - and every micro-project within - is developed by the same collective team.

From the films themselves to design of this page, we like to get our Arty farty little hands on every facet of what we make.


American Paradise

The Last Black Man in San Francisco

la mission, sf, ca | all rights reserved