The Last Black Man in San Francisco

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Jimmie Fails has a dream bigger than San Francisco’s wealth gap.

His grandfather was a just little older than Jimmie is now when he built a majestic Victorian in the heart of the city. But Jimmie’s parents lost the home when he was just a boy, and now their orphaned son rides the streets like a lonesome cowboy.


Night and day, Jimmie plots ways to reclaim his childhood home, though all he really wants is to feel like he belongs to something or somebody or some place. But for now, he lives in the furthest edge of the city at the home of his best friend, Prentice Sanders.


the cowboy & the fisherman

their adventures

character breakdowns


nomadic cowboy


fisherman collector

the pilgrimage

- their journey from the edge of the city to jimmie's house -

casting ideas

the characters they meet along the way